Is Cabo Safe?

In short: yes. It is considered safe to travel to both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Violent events have plagued Mexico for quite some time leading the United States to issue different Travel Advisory levels for different parts of the country of Mexico. 

The good news is that Baja California Sur – the state Los Cabos is in – has a travel advisory level of 2.  At the time of this post [November 2023).  

For reference, the United States currently lists over 70 countries with a level 2 travel advisory. The extensive list includes super popular tourist destinations like Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Belgium, and even the United Kingdom. If those places are not questioned, we should not need to ask “Is Cabo San Lucas safe?”.

How reliable is the Internet?

Telmex has been aggressively installing fiber optics across Los Cabos including all the major expat areas and heavy population areas in the Mexican quarter. With speeds as high as 200 megabyte the internet should be more than enough to handle any of your internet requirements. Expect costs to be half of what you pay north of the border.  You may also want to consider Starlink.  It has proven to be very reliable in areas not serviced by Telmex.

Can I bring my car from home?

You are allowed to bring your vehicle from Canada or the USA and leave it licensed in your country indefinitely. You will need to secure Mexican insurance for your vehicle but the cost is very low compared to comparable coverage north of the border.  If you choose to locate permanently to Mexico you will need to purchase a Mexican plated vehicle.  It is not recommended that you try to import a vehicle.

Should I sell all of my household items or bring them with me?

The majority of homes in Los Cabos are rented or sold furnished. This means that the basics are going to be there for you. You may need to invest in some kitchen items, decor and electronics to complete your home. Whether or not you bring those with you is up to you. You will certainly want to bring any personal items that are of sentimental value.  In the case of a pre-construction home, you may be able to purchase a package or have a local interior decorator import furniture from Guadalajara.

Can I get computer equipment in Cabo?

Los Cabos has access to all the electronics you are going to need at every level required. That being said be aware that laptops or keyboards will include the “ñ” key. Any computers purchased in Mexico will come standard with the operating system in Spanish. So it is recommended you bring your “gear” with you.

Can I get my prescriptions filled in Cabo?

Mexican pharmacies are generally very well equipped and offer most products at a highly reduced rate. You will want to avoid the tourist pharmacies and head into the Mexican areas to get your prescriptions filled. You will get much better rates that way. If you have very specific pharmaceutical needs then we would suggest making an inquiry before you come.

Can I buy a car in Mexico?

Yes you can but you are going to need a Mexican driver’s license to operate it. You will also need proof of residency. If you are going to operate in Mexico under a tourist visa and will be filing your taxes in the USA or Canada then you will have to bring your own vehicle.

Can I get a bank account?

Yes – As long as you are a resident it is easy. A non resident must own property to be able to get a bank account.

Am I able to establish credit in Mexico?

Mexico works under its own credit system that is different from the systems used in the USA and Canada. Your CURP is similar to your Social Security/Social Insurance Number. That being said credit is not generally available to temporary residents. So you will have to wait 4 years before you can file to become a permanent resident. During that time you will not be able to purchase anything in Mexico using credit or apply for a credit card. You can of course use your USA or Canadian credit cards to make purchases.

What are the length of stay requirements?

If you are visiting under a tourist visa you are limited to 180 consecutive days. At that point you must leave the country. You may return almost immediately (your more pressing question may concern the amount time your current country of residence allows you to leave.) As a resident you have no restrictions on your time in Mexico. You are a resident!

Can I write off my work expenses?

This is a question you need to ask your accountant. It will highly depend upon where you hold your residency and the tax laws of that country. In Mexico, as a resident, you are able to write off some expenses.

Are there other people like me in Cabo?

Cabo is full of a variety of different people. The expat community is made up of all ages and lifestyles. Finding a social network will be similar to finding a social network where you live now. The amount of effort you put in to meeting people will be about the same.

Can I find the foods that match my dietary restrictions?

The short answer is yes. It may take a little more effort to source the items required for your dietary needs but it should be available in Los Cabos. There are a number of Vegan and Vegetarian style restaurants in the city.

Can I ship things to Mexico that I am not able to find there?

Yes you can but the costs to ship are quite high and you don’t want to use the local postal system. Fedex, UPS and DHL all operate in Los Cabos. You can also order almost anything from Amazon USA and they will ship to you in Cabo. There is also an Amazon Mexico but the selection is not quite as large and some items are still cheaper to have shipped from Amazon USA.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

No you don’t. Los Cabos is a tourist community and most of the residence speak some level of English. That being said it is just polite to make the attempt to speak some Spanish so that you can converse within the Mexican community. This is their country – not yours ???? Duolingo is a great app you can use to learn basic Spanish. Spanish tutors are available and are very inexpensive.

What is the Healthcare like? Here

Mexico has a social health system available to it’s working citizens, the rest of us have to use private health. Now that might sound scary but its much less than north of the border. Private health insurance is available and very inexpensive. The service quality is remarkable – there are still doctors that make house calls!

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